Assignments vary in size from individual domestic plots to large commercial and residential developments. Depending on the client's specification, the survey will either be orientated to a Local or National Grid. Typical surveyed detail will include all buildings and structures; fences and hedge lines (annotated for type/thickness/height); kerb lines, steps, tracks; trees/vegetation (individual trees larger than 100mm diameter will be identified and detailed to show size of trunk/spread/variety); drainage/utility covers (taken at ground level unless invert levels specified) and overhead cables; spot levels (the density of which will depend on the proposed scale of the drawing and clients requirements, but will always be sufficient to adequately define the ground profile); contours.

Once the surveyed 3D observations have been transferred to computer,
the resulting 'Digital Ground Model' can be used as the basis for
a variety of analysis tools, including:

Contouring, at specified vertical interval
Cross sections
These applications will be described in subsequent sections.

The final survey can be provided in various digital CAD formats (e.g. AutoCAD DWG/DXF; MX GENIO etc) as well as the more familiar paper plot.

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