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June 2014

The largest job we have been involved with outside of London is the £1bn Western Link project which includes the laying of a 425Km sub-sea cable to connect the power networks in England & Scotland. Seen here are two of the enormous transformer halls under construction which will convert the DC supply to AC.

"Not only would I be happy to use MSURV again but would recommend them to other Quarry Managers."

Adrian Millwood
Wienerberger Ltd

March 2014

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) incorporating photogrammetric instrumentation are another tool increasingly being used by surveyors particularly for large area and hazardous areas surveys. We recently had the opportunity to utilise this fixed wing version to cover a proposed mineral extraction site, achieving a comparable accuracy to results from conventional means, albeit in a fraction of the time.

February 2014

Following the breaching of sea defences due to recent adverse weather we were required to carry out surveys to an off shore transmission station. Travel on the island is severely hampered by the flood water hence the landing craft was the only viable option to place us at suitable locations.

January 2014

During a lull in the recent bad weather we assisted in the erection of two 20m high vapouriser units lifted into position from a barge moored next to the site.

Already delayed by 24hrs, a suitable window provided the opportunity to proceed.

The eventual verticality was achieved to better than 20mm.

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