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November/December 2011

Our client, who is developing ship off-loading facilities in Poland and Holland, required us to carry out extensive surveys of two proposed sites, including existing conveyor and stockpiling systems, and provide a detailed design proposal optimising the available space for a new processing plant, raw feed materials and final product stockpiles. Site construction is currently under way with further input/visits anticipated to be required by MSURV, with the depot due to start production in the spring of 2012.

"Considering that I phoned 5.30pm on Friday with my request for the design to be revised again & required by Monday, a response before 12.15pm on Saturday, with exactly what I asked for is nothing short of exceptional service."

Philip Dumelow
Balfour Beatty

October 2011

Extending for over 300 miles beneath North Lincolnshire & Humberside, former iron stone workings (previously worked over 30 years ago) require regular inspections and maintenance works. MSURV were commissioned to survey accurate tunnel alignments and profiles to determine locations for proposed air lock & ventilation systems. Entry was via a steep inclined drift there after on foot, relying on miners lamps for sufficient illumination!

September 2011

MSURV work with a number of clients in the expanding renewable energy sector including the provision of topographical surveys for wind turbine installations; setting out and as-built layouts for ground source heat projects and solar panel farms: the latter recently required the accurate locating of over 2000 No. pile locations and associated infrastructure on new developments in Hampshire and Gloucestershire.

"Provided the three most important qualities - quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Always willing to help out and deliver in the timescales required. I would have no hesitation in recommending to others."

Michael Moggeridge
Magpie Drilling

August 2011

Works were finally completed on a major quarry expansion/restoration scheme that commenced in December 2009. Working for D. Wardle (Plant) Ltd, MSURV have carried out monthly valuation surveys and on-going setting out to control the complex excavation and placement designs. We are pleased to be associated elsewhere for Wardles on a diverse range of schemes including coal sites in Scotland & the North East; slate quarries in North Wales; and a 46Ha wetland restoration of a sand/gravel extraction site in East Anglia.  

July 2011

Machine control systems (shown here fitted to a dozer on a landfill cell construction) compare the blade position and level to the project design and will drive the machine to the correct alignment with a visual interpretation to the operator, allowing for faster and more accurate passes with a subsequent saving in materials & time. MSURV is able to supply the GPS base stations and install all necessary design models and site calibrations resulting in a site free of the conventional timber profiles (and the typical requirements to re-establish knocked out pegs) allowing the surveyor to proceed with more important duties such as as-built surveys and measurement valuations.

June 2011

June proved to be the month in which the majority of work involved measured building surveys. These varied from capturing sufficient detail of an existing portal framed building to allow for it to be re-erected in a different location; input into a planning application that required elevations of neighbouring properties to ascertain the impact of a proposed development; and full elevation & floor plans of all offices/workshops/stable blocks and domestic properties across an extensive stud farm spread over 200Ha.  

May 2011

MSURV carried out the setting out works involved in the construction of Thomas Hoblyn’s medal winning garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. Based on the theme of childhood memories of Cornwall, the hard landscaping consisted of two water features, and a steel framed pavilion, connected by granite rills. A comprehensive CAD design detailed the scheme and given the eventual thorough scrutiny by the RHS judges and the need for the pre-formed granite features to fit exactly, the project certainly required the accuracy of any major project albeit confined to an area of only 200 sq.m!

April 2011

This image is of a long term monitoring scheme whereby a number of ground anchors are accurately surveyed to determine any potential ground movement that could adversely affect the large diameter oil pipeline running beneath the road. As with any such scheme it is important to have stable control points established beyond the zone of influence to minimise any in-accuracies.

In addition to this particular project, MSURV are also involved in regular observations by reflector less measurement to a series of targets that were installed to the perimeter of a former quarry using abseiling techniques; and precise levelling to sub- millimetre accuracy to a party wall adjoining a deep basement excavation in central London.

March 2011

Not content with the cold weather & lack of daylight, Stuart Cameron (Survey Manager, Scotland) carried out an assignment to survey a shiploading facility inside the Arctic Circle in Norway’s most northerly county. Instrumentation & surveyor all coped admirably with the travel logistics & wind-chill of -20 deg C!

February 2011

Training took priority this month with all staff renewing their Safety Pass Alliance Quarry Passports which covers general Health & Safety legislation as well as more industry specific topics. Two of our staff also completed their CITB SMSTS course during the month.

January 2011

The New Year commenced as 2010 had finished with the cold weather causing a few headaches (& cold fingers!). Amongst the projects completed was a major stockpile survey to calculate the volumes of over 130No. coal and coke heaps (covering in excess of over 100Ha.) utilising GPS/TPS and aerial imagery.

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