MSURV has considerable experience in these environments drawing on our topographic/setting out/terrain modelling and volumetric expertise.

Stockpile surveys:
Used as the basis for inventory and auditing purposes, stockpile surveys can be presented in graphical formats or as a spreadsheet for incorporation into other reports.

Overburden removal/Soil stripping:
Pre-start and final surveys will allow for the computation of volumes between surfaces; above/below a datum; by surface zones for contract valuations; royalty payments.

Modelling and visualisation:
Open pit designs taking into account bench heights
& grades; haul ramps; geological features can be generated for future extraction and restoration phases. They can be merged digitally with existing site surveys, or even draped with aerial imagery, to create realistic images that can be viewed as 'fly-thro' productions on standard PC's. These prove particularly effective for public consultation exercises, ZVI's (Zones of Visual Influence and Intrusion) and Line of Sight studies can also be produced.

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