Topographic surveying is generally described as the transfer of points on the ground to a scaled representation on paper, engineering surveys are the reverse (i.e. features such as a proposed structure or pipeline shown on a design layout are transferred accurately onto the ground). A mistake at this stage would have serious repercussions during subsequent stages of the construction process hence MSURV will determine the necessary accuracies and employ the most suitable instrumentation and procedures to comply with these standards. All of our surveyors and engineers are equipped with laptop computers allowing for any design amendments to be easily and quickly effected whilst on site.

MSURV has considerable expertise in a vast range of construction projects
and setting out:
Roads and highways: sub-base; kerb lines etc
Drainage and pipelines
Earthworks: bulk excavation upto 1.5 M cu.m; restoration schemes; and remediation
Structures and housing developments

Once the site has been surveyed the resultant Digital Terrain Model can be used for a variety of applications such as cross sections and volumetric analysis. The latter has a number of different options including above/below a datum; above/below another survey; above/below a surface coded area.

A comprehensive software suite also permits the design of landscape features such as restoration profiles; screening mounds; golf course layouts etc. A full description of MSURV's capabilities can be provided on request.

Monitoring surveys:

MSURV have carried out monitoring exercises which include column verticality checks; precise levelling surveys using digital levels and invar staffs (accuracy sub-millimetre); reflectorless measurement to detect movement in structures during, and following, adjacent construction works; and slope stability surveys within quarries etc.

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